Yassir Talal Zahrani

CAGE is publishing the poem below in memory of this young boy who was murdered by the US government.

Yassir Talal Zahrani -
As silent as can be
The world doesn’t know me
I sense a plan
What is it I’ve yet to understand

An eerie silence follows
As a mighty voice bellows
They drag me out of my cell
What is it they won’t tell
They blindfold me
And shackle me
They drag me through the dark night
Which lacks light
To an unknown dwelling
The enemy’s chest swelling
With an anger
For I pose a danger
I get beaten raw
They open up a door
And shove me in
It smells like a bin
Yet I don’t understand my sin
Nor do my kin
They remove my blindfold
My body goes cold

“This is your last”
And over my throat they cast
Hands that grip
Into my face they spit
Shove something down my throat
So that no one would vote
For those who took my last breath
To throw me into my death
“Kill him” they cry
“Better if they die”
A piercing scream is heard
The one the heroes feared

All is silent…

To ‘Allah’ alone do they turn
He will never burn
In the dark do they call
To the One who knows all
Accept him as a martyr
For there is no one who is smarter

Our blessed friend
We will continue your trend
In Paradise, for you will be the gardens
And to you belong the maidens…